Your ITIL 4 Questions – Answered!


In recent decades, information technology has evolved to play a key role in business, where computing products and services seem to be at the heart of everything we do, and with the swift workplace technology, integrators are offered numerous opportunities in order to improve their everyday supply and regular business. In fact, Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) now plays a role in everything from customer service to marketing as well as sales. Increasing the significance and efficiency of information services has naturally become a priority, but hiring technically competent people is no longer enough. Though, an experienced IT person must also be able to accomplish business continuity, support key business goals, and be constantly on the lookout for new ideas, practices, and technologies.

Formerly known, IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is considering as one of the most widely used contexts by means of managing services in the world regarding IT. Moreover, provides a set of best practices that can be applied to any organization that uses information services, whether they want to provide value to clients or enable them to operate within the company. Indeed, today ITIL is being implemented in all sectors, from space assessment to moving picture, through a common language and methodology that facilitates the collaboration of practitioners of different backgrounds. However, 2017 was marked by the declaration of ITIL-4, the latest version of the box, and this, of course, raised many questions for future students, both past and present. They further wanted to know what the new framework had to offer, but also what it would mean for those with standing ITIL foundation certification. By keeping this in mind, let’s look at some shared questions about ITIL-4.

Are ITIL V3 certificates still valid?

Once you learn V-3 for ITIL foundation certification, you don’t have to worry about its expiration. Those currently studying V-3 can be supposed to pursue it, and the best practices discussed in the previous frame are valid and very relevant. Nonetheless, it is helpful for certified professionals to consider future ITIL-4 transitions to make the most of staff updates.

How can I change ITIL V-3 from ITIL-4?

AXELOS plans to release a unit called ITIL professional transfer management, but this unit is only used by those who have already reached the ITIL professional level. Though, the best way to renew your ITIL foundation certification depends on your current certification phase:

  • ITIL foundation certification- Although you have been awarded the ITIL V-3 foundation certification, so your best way is to always start with ITIL-4, and the reason is that there are so many new documents you need to remember to fully test your understanding.
  • ITIL intermediate level certification- After you have completed ITIL and started collecting lifelong units or flow capabilities, you may want to continue until you complete life cycle management. All over again, these units are always very beneficial and applicable. After passing the exam, you can follow the MP transition element.

Do large organizations only benefit from ITIL?

With respect to the question, it is considered that ITIL can assist any organization, regardless of scope, industry, production or locality. Indeed, most of the companies now use some form of computer, it would be harder to find those who would benefit from the network structure.

Can ITIL-4 save other frames as well?

One of the biggest problems facing ITIL V-3 practitioners was the lack of compatibility with other ITSM standards and frameworks. However, AXELOS responded by initially announcing that ITIL-4 which is fully compatible with many popular frameworks, comprising with Agile, and Dev Ops. Though, this should make it easier to integrate ITIL into an organization that already function a particular framework. However, customers are encouraged to consider ITIL as a reliable basis for managing information security; a solution that can maximize the perks of other frameworks and give them even more value to consumers.

Are ITIL foundation certifications useful only to administrators?

ITSM has many roles, although the framework is very suitable for those who manage information services, it can also be useful for those who develop services, and the like. These lower-level users may also see the ITIL survey as a step that will help them progress in their work. Though, many organizations have even chosen to form entire teams or departments in accordance with the terms and methodology of ITIL. Knowing everyone within a framework can increase productivity, collaboration, and communication, as all practitioners contribute to digital transformation and continuous improvement of services. However, it should also be noted that buying ITIL in bulk allows companies to earn generous discounts!

Wouldn’t one frame be too rigid for modern ITSM?

It is true that although almost all organizations in the world use information technology, the needs, and capabilities of the two organizations are rarely the same, one method is of little use to everyone. However, ITIL may be a unique device, but its advantage is unusual, it is not a strict set of rules to follow, but rather a highly customizable and flexible framework that can be applied almost anywhere to varying degrees. Its purpose is to help organizations complete their tasks, provide them with tools and tips that will help them increase the value of their work. Though, users can choose which frame elements to use. It is also important to remember that the ITIL community of professionals has played an important role in the development of ITIL-4.

However, ITIL foundation certification is no short cut to the highly profitable ITSM role, developers still need experience that demonstrates their ability to put ITIL into practice. On the other side, at the same time, an ITIL foundation certification can surely validate the capabilities of an IT developer, in addition, it can also provide a variety of work opportunities for organizations using the framework: a great way to gain the experience needed to take advantage of the more useful roles they agree on. Join ITIL Foundation certification bootcamp to prepare yourself for the exam and nail it. You can also read ITIL Foundation books yourself to get further understanding.

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