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Which Is More Important on YouTube Higher Viewers or Subscribers?

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Well, it is undoubtedly a matter of debate. 

You may find different answers from different marketers, YouTubers, and other experts. However, honestly, they both are essential in different situations and go hand-in-hand. 

Therefore, if you’re own a YouTube channel or plan to start a new one, you should understand that getting subscribers and free YouTube views are equally crucial for the growth and success of your YouTube channel.  

Let’s check how important views and subscribers are for your YouTube channel and which one is more critical in what situations. 

Why Are Views Important For A YouTube Channel?

There’s no denying that Youtube views on your videos are essential. However, let’s check out the reasons. 

1. Monetisation

According to the guidelines of the YouTube Partner program, if you want to enable monetization on your YouTube channel, you at least need 4000 hours of watching. That is the reason why your videos must get views. 

2. User’s Trust

Videos with a higher number of views tend to get more views and watch hours. And the reason is pretty simple- human tendency. We attract higher numbers and get curious to know why this video has this many views or if this video has a high amount of views; this must be a great video.

The higher number of free YouTube views increase the user’s trust and force them to click and watch the video.  

3. Watch Time

Watch Time of YouTube videos is one of the most important ranking factors. Therefore if you’re getting fewer views on your YouTube videos, you are likely to have less watch time. 

On the other hand, if you’re gaining a massive amount of views, you will probably have more watch time. 

Why Are Subscribers Significant For A YouTube Channel?

Getting Subscribers are equally crucial as views. Subscribers are your loyal followers who are notified every time you upload a new video. 

There’s a high chance of getting more free YouTube views and increase watch time quickly if you have a decent amount of audience gathered already. 

Apart from that, subscribers count also matter when you apply for different types of monetization methods. For example – 

  1. One hundred subscribers let you customize the URL of your YouTube Channel. 
  2. One thousand subscribers are the minimum requirement to enable monetization of your YouTube channel. 
  3. One thousand subscribers are the minimum requirement to enable Superchat and Super Stickers. 
  4. Ten thousand subscribers are the minimum limit to enable merchandise shelves on your YouTube channel. 
  5. Thirty thousand subscribers are the minimum limit to monetize your YouTube channel via membership. 

Subscribers do matter to maintain your viewership and increase the ways of monetization for your YouTube channel. 

As I said before, views and subscribers both are important for the success of your YouTube channel. 

If you are just getting started, I will advise you to create quality content, do proper SEO of your YouTube channel, and get the number of views. If people like your video, they will end up subscribing to it. 

If you already have a reasonable amount of subscribers, then you should target on getting more subscribers, because you will get regular views from your existing subscribers whenever you post a new video. 

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