Top 6 DevOps Skills That Organizations Are Looking for


With the invention of new devices, advanced technology and constant development of the web, the number of web software demand has amplified. New development and innovations have forced organizations to design and reconstruct the web development process the meets the current and future business needs. That is a fast, secure and quality production of software. 

Consequently, the present and future of DevOps look brighter than ever. DevOps is very popular at the moment and now most of the organizations are looking for DevOps engineers with skills in the said field. 

But, what exactly the skills organizations are looking for in the candidate to fill the DevOps engineer position? What framework, programming languages and tools do a DevOps champion should possess that will dominate the future of DevOps?

To answer all of these questions, I have outlined the 6 DevOps skills and tools that the organization is looking for in the DevOps-focused world.

  • Expertise in DevOps Soft Skills

As DevOps gurus are in high demand – companies want developers who can work closely with other IT teams involved in the project to deploy and manage applications.

For a DevOps team to succeed, it must include people with strong communication skills. DevOps was designed to remove the gap and end of silos.

A DevOps expert with communication skill help bridge the palpable gap between silos and different teams to complete the common goal. The role particularly asks for a DevOps engineer who should serve as a bridge connecting different teams to gain the common goal successfully. This soft skill demands the interested candidate to know about the company’s working environment, culture and how the work runs.

  • The DevOps Tools

With the advancement in the DevOps is continuous and new tools are emerging in DevOps, DevOps engineer should have skills and basic knowledge in the following tools:

  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • Kubernetes

According to DevOps engineers, Docker, Ansible and Kubernetes are three key tools to learn which are trending in DevOps world. 

  • Learn Infrastructure as Code

Learning infrastructure is certainly crucial for a DevOps engineer. Organizations especially look for DevOps experts with the expertise and know-how in containers like Docker and Kubernetes and infrastructure automation tools like Ansible, Chef, and Salt. Having a grip on the Kubernetes fundamentals lfs258 will speed up the DevOps workflow more efficiently

Whether you are a beginner or already a DevOps savvy, introduction to Kubernetes using Docker course is the best course to upgrade polish your DevOps skills to advance level. 

Containers are the technology that the IT OP team can relate to. But it does not mean developers should overlook it and instead should learn Kubernetes

The advantage of Kubernetes are many but the main advantage is that the availability of the platform to design and containers physical and virtual computer clusters.

As per the latest stats, more than 40% of huge organizations have integrated Kubernetes in production. Students, employee or anyone interested in learning DevOps skills, should consider containers, Kubernetes, and Dockers, as of high importance skill to learn and master. DevOps experts can pursue the certification from the best International DevOps Certification Academy, DevOpsU, in Kubernetes fundamentals or can get enroll in a course to have in-depth knowledge on both with an introduction to Kubernetes using Docker.  

Along with these two tools, proficiency in infrastructure automation tools like Ansible, Chef, and Salt is a must to be a DevOps professional. 

  • CI/CD Tools

Enterprise are looking for DevOps gurus with hands-on expertiese in continuous integration and continuous delivery tools. 

Having a grasp in these tools helps design and configure the continuous integration and delivery increasing the market value of the organization.

CI/CD tools with which you should be familiar with are Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Droon, etc.

  • Learn Programming Languages

If you are training to be a DevOps expert or looking for a job as DevOps expert then having a fluency in the programming language is a must. Learn languages like Ruby, Java, Python and PHP. Organizations seeks for DevOps candidates who know these languages.

  • Linux with DevOps

As DevOps is the work of different teams working together, it ask for everyone in the team to know skills not limited to the individual field but also basic to advance knowledge in the variety of skills required in DevOps.

Similarly, knowing about different operating systems (OS) is also required. Learning Linux environment and fundamentals along with the scripting language is a must for DevOps experts. 

Enterprises look for the DevOps candid with the knowledge about process management, storage systems,Sockets and more.

Most companies have integrated development projects that can be easily integrated with the Linux environment. As business have taken their personal development to a new level and now have Linux-compatible features. 

Other skills…

  • Networking and Security

DevOps promote working by communication and collaboration of development and operation teams, which means removing the communication barrier and eliminating working in isolation. This also means you need to have a good concept of security and networking. 

To become a good DevOps engineer, basic know-how of security concepts like DNS, OSI model, and TLS, etc are crucial. Organization prefers to hire DevOps engineers who can write highly secure codes to fight against any threat and attacks. 

  • Testing Skills

Incorporating DevOps practices in an organization gives birth to a team of experts in different fields working together. The team consists of developers, testers, cybersecurity experts. The team promises a productive and secure environment. 

Having a strong interpersonal and professional testing skills is needed to be a successful candidate for the DevOps. In DevOps, testing is performed and automated for every stage of development and deployment. That is why testing skills are crucial and demanded.


Companies are looking for a skilled individual to not only fill the DevOps space but also who is proficient and eager to learn new skills in DevOps. There are so many other things and information available online which you can learn to expand your knowledge in DevOps. 

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