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Tips for Storing Your Pair of Cowboy Boots


If you have a pair of cowboy boots, chances are there that you might not wear them for some time. And in such a case, you need to store your boot.

Please do not make the terrible mistake of storing your boots as it is. You will repent later. You perhaps are yet to know that storing your pair of cowboy boots is a tactful art.

Before you store your boots, bring them to good condition. If you find your boots worn down, scratched or dried, you should take the following steps to revitalize them:


Firstly, dampen a piece of cloth and clean all the dirt from your boots so that the boot becomes clean. After you have finished cleaning, let them dry.

Apply Conditioner

After your boots get dried, gently apply some conditioner on the boot and rub it with a washcloth. Make sure that the conditioner gets absorbed by the boot leather. Subsequently, allow your boot to dry. After your boot has dried, brush your booth with a horsehair brush.

Apply Boot Cream

Then, put some boot cream on a washcloth and rub it on the boot. Also, pay special attention to the groove where the leather meets the sole of the boot. Make sure that the cream gets absorbed by the boot leather. Now, allow your boot to dry.


The final step is to store your boots. You can store it anywhere you like. Regardless of whether you store your pair of cowboy boots in your closet or self-storage unit, make sure that there is enough supply of air for them to breathe. You can also consider keeping them in a spacious plastic bin or a canvass container. And make sure that there is no moisture around as that could cause damages to your boot. Also, keep your boots standing upright.
You perhaps might not know yet that purchasing a pair of cowboy boots is a wise art, and not all are masters in that art. There are a lot of things to know in this regard. And the infographic in this post serves as a valuable guide.

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