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The complete guide to repair washing machine

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The washing machine is one of the most essential home appliances that are used for cleaning clothes. The washer can certainly make the job of cleaning your clothes easier. Since a washing machine works very hard it is obviously not surprising that your clothes washer will sometimes break down. Even, if the washer does not break down with time its performance will certainly be degraded. 

Thus, it is always better to have some knowledge of repairing the clothes washer instead of calling an expensive technician and you will be able to repair your washing machine yourself without the help of an expert. It is mostly seen that in case of repairing the washing machine, you just need a few simple tools but you must have the proper knowledge of it.

Some common problems of washing machine

If you want to go for washer repair by yourself you must know every type of problem that a washing machine can have.  Hence, here we have come up with some common problems of washing machines from which you can easily analyse what sort of problem your washer has and how to rectify it. The following are some common problems of the washing machine:

  • Washer won’t get turned on: Many times it is seen that the washer does not get turned on even when you switch on the power button. If you find such a problem then the first thing that you need to do is to check whether the electricity flows into the washer correctly or not. It may happen that there may be a circuit breaker as well due to which such a problem may occur in the washing machine. 

Apart from that, such a problem also sometimes happens due to the overheating of the motor. If the motor overheats frequently then you may have to replace it. 

Such a problem may also occur due to the lid switch. If the switch is not properly positioned then you can correct the position. But if it gets damaged then you either have to go for washer repair or replace. 

Some washers also come up with timer knob and if the knob is not aligned properly then you have to restart the washer again.

  • Washer does not drain properly: Sometimes it is seen that the washing machine is not able to drain properly. This happened due to various problems such as drain hose, drain pump, foreign objects, or detergent. 

If the drain hose gets clogged then the washer will not be able to drain properly and in such case, you have to remove the hose. Sometimes the drain pump may get jammed and for that, you have to drain your tub. So, if the washer does not drain properly then you should first check the drain pump and if you find any problem in the pump you may need to replace it. 

You may also get this kind of problem due to foreign objects such as socks, pens, and coins that get wedged between the basket and the tub. This will reduce the ability of the washer to drain properly. 

Also, such kind of problem may also happen due to the use of too much detergent. 

If you a good knowledge about it then you can do washer repair yourself. In this case, you don’t need to go for the replacement of the washer. 

  • Washer does not spin properly: You may also observe that your washer does not spin properly. If your washing machine cannot spin properly then it will lose its ability to wash clothes properly. Such kind of problems occurs due to several reasons, for example, it may happen because of too much load on the washer, improper switch settings, problems in drain pump, or belt or motor. 

If you give too many clothes to the washer to clean than its actual ability to take the load then you may face such problems. Hence whenever you face such a problem the first thing that you need to do is to lessen the load from the washer. 

If you still find such a problem then you must check the switches and settings of the washer. You must ensure that the setting of the washer is correct for ensuring that the speed selector switch is positioned properly. 

The spin of the washer may cause a problem if the speed of the washer becomes too low. Also, there may be a problem with the drain pump or belt or motor of the washer. In such a case, you will not have any option other than replacing it. 

  • The washer is noise: Sometimes, it is seen that the washer makes too much noise. You may find many kinds of sound such as gurgling, clicking, buzzing, or humming. If you find such kind of sound then you may need to replace your pump especially when you find the sound of buzzing or humming. You may also need to remove the foreign object or the blockage for preventing the sound of the washer.

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