Everything You Need to Do to Get Your Kitchen in Order

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Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is engaged for a substantial amount of time. Whenever we get irritated by working in a messy kitchen, a thought runs down most of us, as to how good it will feel like when working in a well organized and well-managed kitchen. Many types of kitchen have construction that causes different challenges while organizing it. It is a reality that not everyone can afford a spacious-style kitchen. A very small space for a kitchen can cause a variety of difficulties, especially if you are living on rent. Thus it is highly recommended, in such a scenario that you optimize every inch of your kitchen space.

Let us discuss some useful tips to get your kitchen in order and use the maximum of your kitchen space.

Maximize the kitchen countertop and other spaces

  • However it is not preferred to keep a lot of things over the kitchen counter, but sometimes you have to keep a few necessary items over there. You can follow a pattern to maximize your countertop space so that you can keep the necessary items over there, without giving it a cluttered look. Let see what are those ideas:
  • Before deciding the place for keeping the gas stove, make sure that you should have some space on the counter to do your work. You should not be adjusting the racks and other items while cooking.
  • Keep frequently used items near your working area. For example, you can keep the small shelves on the counter which may house all the cooking oils, tea, and sugar.
  • Keep your sink clean and organized. Keep all the cleaning essentials like dishwasher, brush, and sponge at one top corner of the sink. Make a kitchen cleaning checklist and follow the cleaning rules strictly. 
  • Utilize the vertical space by using under the cabinet wire shelves. You can keep the frequently used spices and teacups or any other foodstuff or utensils required frequently, on those shelves for quick access.
  • You can also use the space for the microwave on the top. An electric plug is generally provided near the kitchen counter where you can keep your microwave or electric kettle. You can keep a colorful tray for quick access and beautifying the space.
  • Place hanger with hooks over the wall to hang miscellaneous items like spatulas, strainers, etc.
  • To keep the kitchen counter neat and clean, wipe out all the utensils after wash and keep them in the designated place. This way countertop will never look cluttered and will feel spacious.
  • Don’t keep the cooked food in a big cooking vessel because it takes too much space from your kitchen counter. Empty your cooked food into small containers as soon as possible to save the counter space.
  • If the vegetable tray in your kitchen’s fridge is messy, it is hard to find the vegetables you are looking for. This may also spoil your vegetables. To organize your fridge tray, use empty cardboard boxes. Keep the different sizes of cardboard boxes inside the vegetable tray, to keep the fruits and vegetables segregated and easily accessible.

Make a cleaning routine

1. Daily cleaning routine may include the following:

  • Cleaning of worktops
  • Replacing dustbin
  • Sweeping and mopping of the floor. 
  • Washing of dishes

2. Weekly cleaning routine includes the following:

  • Wipeout your refrigerator and take out all the spoiled and unnecessary items from inside it
  • Clean all the kitchen appliances such as mixer, toaster, electric kettle, etc
  • Remove the appliances while wiping the dirt under them
  • Clean the kitchen thoroughly with a disinfectant 
  • Replace your dirty kitchen towel with the clean one

3.  Monthly cleaning routine includes the following:

  • Give deep cleaning to your oven: Clean your oven with a specialized oven cleaner or with a mixture of baking soda and water. You can even use the steaming process to clean the oven.
  • Clean all the shelves: Remove the unnecessary items from the cupboards and wipe out the dirt from the surface of the cupboard. Take out the unnecessary items before arranging the shelves again.
  • Declutter the drawers: Items such as cooking utensils, pans, etc need to be sorted in the drawer and organized properly. Any unnecessary and broken items need to be thrown away.


Nowadays the size of the modern kitchen is getting smaller due to space constraints and it is becoming difficult to house all kitchen items inside the kitchen. In this article, we have discussed a few tricks to keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free. To organize the kitchen, a cleaning routine is essential. You must have the entire kitchen cleaning checklist to manage proper cleaning. You can also buy a cost-effective kitchen organizer online or make your DIY organizer using available items at your home. 

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