Blinds Vs Curtains – Which One Is Right For Your Home.

Blinds Vs Curtains

George Goyal from Houston brings you a few details on blinds and curtains to solve a major confusion regarding which one to choose. Whether you are designing your new house or selecting one of these two to give a new look to your place, you need to mark a few things to make the correct selection. Both curtains and blinds cover your windows but both have different looks and effects. 

Curtains and blinds both can bring your home to life. Both of these are known to add a personal touch to the windows and transform your house to a healthy and happy looking home. In this article, George Goyal Houston compares and contrast the two: curtains and blinds, to provide you the information on require to decide the better suited for you. 

Difference between curtains and blinds

The major difference between blinds and curtains is the way they cover your window. The blinds tend to over the window directly whereas curtains are usually hung in front of the window. The curtains often drape to the floor. 

Blinds tend to come in multiple range of options such as Venetian blinds, roller blinds as well as roman blinds. Also the curtains have multiple patterns and designs depending upon the hanging style and place. 

Both the blinds and curtains can be automated as per your requirements and place options making the life around the home even simpler. 

Contrasts in blinds and curtains

There are a few major points where both blinds and curtains differ from each other giving you a tough challenge selecting the one for yourself. 

Colors and designs

Both the blinds and curtains come in variety of colors and designs. Both of them come in multiple patterns and the roller blinds even have printed images on them. If you look from a design perspective, curtains tend to add a new layer to the atmosphere of your home, and allows your room to appear warmer and elegant. On the other hand, if you opt for the sleek blinds, they add up a minimalist yet modern look. 

Light control

If you want to control the light, blinds can be a better choice. In particular, the venetian blinds are known to provide the ability to precisely adjust the slats and hence also the amount of light entering your room. Curtains can either filter the light or block it out completely, hence thi is a major point to be considered while making a choice. 

Durability and cleanliness

When the point comes to durability and cleanliness, blinds tend to take the crown. They are not only easy to clean but also are not susceptible to moths or other insects eating them up. 

The room

Ultimately, the major decision of selecting between curtains and blinds depends on the room your need to have them for. For instance, if you want something for kitchen and bathroom, blinds stay a better option as they are easy to clean and resistant to moisture. But for bedroom, living room or study room, curtains tend to give an appealing addition. However, the final choice depends on your requirements and likings. 


If you want to have automation, both the blinds and curtains can be motorized and automated using some of the other technology. The automation technologies allow you to set your blinds and curtains to automatically open and close at certain specific times during the day and can also be linked automatically with the external elements such as sunlight and temperatures outside. In simple terms it means that if sun is at the peak in summer, the curtains and blinds can be automated to close keeping your house cool and appealing. 

Automation can come in handy if your wish the blinds to be closed when you go to bed and open when you wake up. The automated system can do all these without requiring you to even leave your bed. Additionally the blinds and curtains can also be controlled using the mobile app, even when you are not at your home or control them using a voice control. There exist endless opportunities. 

Using both curtains and blends

One of the great thing about blinds and curtains is that both can be paired together seamlessly, adding depth to your windows. You can combine the benefits of both window coverings creating a perfect aesthetic. At this point, you can open the blind and keep curtains closed allowing the light to filter through and at night to increase the privacy, close the blinds completely to block out the light. Alternatively you can also use either of the treatment throughout the home depending on the requirements of each room. 


These were the basic details on blinds and curtains that George Goyal Houston needed to share with you. Have a look over the benefits and types of uses of both and make the choice accordingly to have the best experience. 

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