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Automated fuel stations: Improving the Retail Fueling Experience


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Recent day cars are growing to become self-driven. If we can automate the driving experience, it should be possible to automate the fuel stations as well. If we would automate fuel stations, how would a next-generation fuel station look like?

Several automation has been brought about in the automobile industry such as identifying the unique number plate in the car, customer service portals in the form of responsive tabs, vending machines, smart lighting and energy management systems, integrating customer data, and analytics. What would it be to automate the fuel stations a well so that one gets easy access to fuel whenever and wherever they are. 

Automated Fueling Stations:

Automated fueling stations are fast, convenient and most of this off-site fueling station features the most innovative technology to ensure accuracy and to deter fraud. With the help of these automated fueling stations, consumers can say goodbye to long waits, to avoid distractions of the driver and to avoid expensive idling. With the help of quick fuel automated fueling stations, it is possible to fuel the vehicle instantly and be back on the load within a few minutes or even less. 

By automating fuel stations, it is possible to find the closest diesel station instantly, get the diesel exhaust fluid that one needs even on the go. Apart from quick fuel, these quick fuel service stations also deliver a number of amenities such as a secure and self-cleaning res room and automated convenience store.

Advantages of automated fuel stations:

1. Use any card to fill fuel:

The majority of the automated diesel stations accept most of the third party cards such as Fuel man, Wright Express, EFS, Fleet One, TCH, etc. It is possible to use the national fuel card immediately at the quick fuel sites and avoid credit checks and delays. Users can also check with the local sales representatives at their closest fuel station to enjoy the benefits of the best pricing available. 

3. Get in the automated station and get our fast:

The majority of the automated fuel stations have high-speed dispensers, wide fuel lanes so as to accommodate commercial vehicles and satellite pumps so that users can fill dual tanks simultaneously in one go. The facilities of these fuel stations are open round the clock and 365 days a year. Also, the automatic diesel stations are present on major trucking routes and highways, making it easy to fuel up quickly and to stay on track. Drivers can also keep in track with the customer service representatives of the diesel stations so as to find the best service available in close proximity. 

3. Control of the fuel station in the hands of the consumer:

In these automated fuel stations, it is possible to deter unauthorized fueling with customized controls. It is possible by the fleet managers to choose the limit of fueling with the help of PIN, product type, daily and weekly gallon limit, with the help of accurate unit number or odometer reading, etc.

4. Manage control access and cost:

It is possible for users to get fast access to data on every fuel transaction. Consumers can secure their online access through their customer portal to monitor their fuel activity and to analyze data and create customized and detailed reports. Through their customer portal, consumers can also shut off cards, order new cards, check to price, update unit rosters and perform a lot of other activities. 

Technological advancements in automated fuel stations:

The automated and closest diesel stations support cardless fueling and it supports quick and on-line access to all the transactions. This is indeed the most advanced technology available for all the quick fuel stations. The innovative system ensures reliability and transactional accuracy while deterring fraud. These automated stations also render industry-leading tools to make the job easier. 

Their advanced technology deters the harmful effects of plastic cards. Each of the drivers receives a small tag that attaches to the windshield of the truck. The user has to reach the nearest card reader and enter the pump number and other information that one requires such as the odometer reading, PIN, etc. This helps in fast and a streamlined fueling system and minimizes fraud. Users need not worry about theft of the card and such a fueling system is extremely secure as well. 

Customizable controls and reliability

The customizable controls at the automatic fuel station help in limiting the product typeset a daily or a weekly gallon limit, take odometer readings, etc. Quick fuel cards contain a small camera that captures the photo of every user. After the card is used, the image will be emailed to the user along with an electronic receipt. Such a fueling system is extremely reliable and the alarms will notify the fuel station of any site issues, a faulty pump or a jammed receipt printer. 

Wrapping up:

Automated fuel stations offer fuels round the clock with no delays and no worries through its streamlines fuel filling processes. 

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