An Ultimate Guide To Hire A Professional WordPress Developer.

Professional WordPress Developer

Gautam Goyal from Houston says it is very possible to build out a functional WordPress site yourself but it is seen that most people hire a WordPress developer to perform this task and such an approach is worth considering. 

Gautam Goyal Houston brings you some steps or says pros and cons to help you decide whether a WordPress developer is really worth having to find the solution for your needs. 

Consider your needs

Even if you don’t have to build the website personally, you need to have a clear idea of the needs and requirements before hiring a WordPress developer. The more specific information you provide them, the more accurate work you receive. 

You don’t need to play the layout of the site but you need to decide the purpose of your site and the contents to be there it in in a general sense. For example it is essential to consider: 

  • What will be the goal of your site – whether to share information or build a community or make sales or any other. 
  • The types of pages and the content of pages you wish to have 
  • Any specific feature or functionality you wish to integrate such as order or booking forms, media integration, calendars, e-commerce capabilities and much more. 

As soon as you select the developer, these are a few basic information pieces you need to communicate to them. 

Be aware of the involved costs

Building a custom website can comparatively be a costly venture. Of course, the site developed using WordPress won’t cost as much as others but still you need to know what type of expenses you will face. Your total expenses largely depend on:

The scope of project

The number of pages included in the project can determine the cost. Even many of the WordPress developers charge by hour, hence the bigger the site, the greater is the potential cost. 

Complexity of requirements

The custom built features or the functionalities command a higher price. The modest needs such as company brochure site, basic blog or the small storefront cost less. 

The developer’s level of experience

You find a large range of developers that charge from $5 to $100 per hour. In the middle of the scale, you often fin the most competent and reliable ones. 

What to look for in the developer

If you are planning to hire a WordPress developer, you need to understand how to assess the candidates. This can be a tricky one especially if you have little technical expertise. However, you can still make a proper decision. To do so, you need to follow a few points: 

The charge of developer

In a particular, be aware of the very low end developers charging $5 to $15 per hour as they are likely to be less experienced and competent. 

Do the developer have a portfolio of previous work?

The best thing that can be done before hiring the professional for WordPress site, is looking at their past websites. If you can visit their previously designed sites and spend some time on them, test and see whether information is easy to find, whether the key features work properly or not and so on. 

Find references, reviews and testimonials

See to it if you can even get in touch with some other person for whom the developer has worked for and also ask for their reviews and experience. 

What tools is your developer using?

Some of the developers use the custom WordPress theme whereas other use the page builder plugin such as Elementor. There is nothing right or wrong in it but you need to know what exactly the developer is using and what will be the foundation of your site as it will affect if you wish to make changes in the site in future. 

Start the search for candidates

At this point, you get ready to hire a WordPress developer. The final and last step is to look for potential candidates. 

It is suggested to take time in this process. Try looking around multiple site, compiling the list of possibilities and comparing them against each other. Once you get successful in selecting a few top options, you can reach out to them and make a final selection according to the results by guiding all of their works and experience. 

While finding for potential hires, you get a lot of options. You can search for such professionals on the general freelance sites as well as WordPress specific platforms. You can even Google search the best places to hire the WordPress developers. Or at last you can even search for a developer locally by visiting the local events or by contacting the nearby institutions. 


This was an ultimate guide to hire a professional WordPress developer where Gautam Goyal Houston brought you a few steps to be followed to hire a professional with proper experience and expertise. 

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