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6 Benefits of PMPⓇ Certification: Here’s Everything You Need To Know


All You Should Know About PMPⓇ Certification: 6 Benefits of PMPⓇ Certification

PMPⓇ certification has garnered immense popularity over the past few years. The course helps professionals in gaining the requisite project management skills and knowledge to gain business and strategic knowledge, that helps you to land better-paying jobs. 

Project managers seem to be focusing on getting PMPⓇ certified for an array of reasons. Here are some of the benefits of a PMPⓇ certification course: 

Better Job Opportunities 

Project management is a quickly rising demand and the demand has been outpacing the supply in the last few years. This is great news for project managers, especially those who are PMPⓇ certified. 

Since the demand for project managers is quite high in a variety of industries, getting a PMPⓇ certification would give you an edge over your peers and help you in grabbing the best project management jobs across the world. PMP course includes training, experience and hands-on knowledge that helps professionals learn various aspects of project management and make them eligible to apply for better job opportunities across the world. 

Enhanced Networking Opportunities 

When you sign up as a PMI member, you open the door to numerous opportunities and become a member of an active organization. PMI currently has nearly 773,840 active PMPⓇ certificate holders across the globe. It organizes frequent meetings for its members where they can connect with one another, discuss ideas, and explore more opportunities. 

These meetings are held in major cities across the world. When a member attends these meetings, they earn Professional Development Units (PDUs). These units are necessary for all PMPⓇ certified professionals as they have to fulfill Continuous Credential Requirements (CCR), also known as CCRs. These units help them in keeping their certification for three years. 

In addition to this, there are many online and offline communities where PMPⓇs can interact with each other and network across the globe. 

Provides Industry Recognition

PMPⓇ is a widely popular and universally recognized certification course. Unlike other certification programs that only focus on a specific domain or industry, PMPⓇ is applicable in global industries irrespective of the domain or their location. 

So, regardless of your professional industry and location, you can add value to your resume by becoming a PMPⓇ certified professional. Organizations often prefer PMPⓇ certified project managers to handle important and international projects as compared to non-certified project managers. 

If you are new to the project management segment, getting a PMPⓇ certificate would compensate for the lack of experience to a significant extent. It will empower you with the knowledge of practical management skills and processes that can actually add value to your organization. 

High Salary Potential 

One of the biggest advantages of attaining a PMPⓇ certification is the higher salary it can bring to the certified professionals. PMPⓇ is a recognized certification throughout various industries and professionals who are certified in it are considered to be much efficient than non-certified professionals. Having a PMPⓇ certificate consequently increases their chances to bag higher-paying jobs. 

 A survey showed that the average income for a non-certified project manager is $91,000, and that of a PMPⓇ certified professional is $108,000. Another survey revealed that certified project managers earn about 20% more than those who are not PMPⓇ certified. 

PMPⓇ has consistently been one of the highest-paid IT certifications. Trends indicate that PMPⓇ salaries will continue to grow in the future as well.

Gain Credibility

Your resume speaks for itself and tells a lot about you to your potential employer, even before you go for an interview. This means that you should put in extra effort in ensuring that your resume sets you apart from others, and a PMPⓇ certification can definitely help you gain that advantage. 

A PMPⓇ certificate lends credibility to your skillset, experience, knowledge base and your commitment towards your career. Even if you plan to continue with your current employer, a PMPⓇ certification will prove your passion and drive towards your job, and help you in becoming an asset to your organization. 

Be an Efficient Project Manager 

A PMPⓇ certification shapes you as an efficient professional who has the requisite capabilities and skills to manage a project. A project manager needs to take care of numerous things and all such aspects are covered under a PMPⓇ certification course. 

A project manager might need to train other executives, evaluate team members, and even identify potential employees that perform better than others. Project Management Professional training enables you to attain the knowledge and skills required to handle such situations.

Whether you are a project manager looking to improve your skills and improve your opportunities or an organization considering to hire a project manager, PMPⓇ certification is an important asset. With PMPⓇ certified professionals, you can be assured of their skillset and knowledge base that will render them to expertly lead projects and teams in a variety of industries. 

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