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5 Tips For Ongoing Customer Engagement To Grow Your Event Business


Customer engagement— the key to any business’ survival. Simply put, a business can’t thrive without their customers. This is why it’s not only crucial to keep them happy but to also keep them engage in order to gauge the success of your services or products. 

So, how do keep your customer engage and grow your event business?

1. Host an Event

Being in the events industry yourself, what better way to promote and engage your customers best than hosting an event yourself. Holding an educational and exciting event for your community can help strengthen your business community, securing the connection between you and your customers and showing off just how good you are in this line of business. 

An excellent thing you could try here is to organize a meetup or conference to engage with your customers, educating them, exchanging the experience and learning their true opinions and emotions. 

2. Utilize Social Media

Social media is not just a platform to connect with people. You can use these networks as tools in order to improve your customer engagement. This means that you do not just use it to raise awareness of your company’s image but to also encourage them to engage with your business. 

5 Tips For Ongoing Customer Engagement To Grow Your Event Business

Make it a habit t post on your social media network daily. In addition, always monitor social media on what your customers are saying about your services and products. Also, you can use it to generate traffic to your websites or blog pages. When publishing your content, you can share the same with customers using social platforms. 

3. Asking Questions 

As you’ve introduced your brand and raise awareness, it is time to analyze the audience and getting their feedback. The data that you gathered will be vital for proper planning and having further customer satisfaction. And there’s no better way to do this than asking questions. 

You can know what your customers are thinking by asking them a question every day in the form of a poll vote on Facebook and Twitter or encouraging them to share opinions under your posts. 

Whenever you feel like you need the opinions of your customers— about content ideas, newly released products or offers— just ask them.

Here are some questions that can never go wrong:

  • What services do you think our brand is lacking?
  • How do our services make you better or make your life easier?
  • What troubles and challenges did you face?
  • What aspects of our customer service need improvement?
  • What do you think of our products?

4. Providing Answers

Asking questions can be frustrating is no one is answering. This is the same with customers asking and you not answering. 

You can respond to your online reviews if you wish to increase customer engagement. Any queries your customers may have should be answered thoroughly. As you grow, this can be overwhelming, however, having this sort of managerial customer service presence online can be quite beneficial to your business. 

Customers like that their own opinion matters and that they’re being heard. Even if they leave an unfavorable review or comment, you need to answer their request professionally and thank them for taking the time to leave a review. 

5. Web Push Notification and Other Tools

If your main objective is to engage with clients on your website, then rather than investing resources and time to create your own tool to engage with customers you can just use 3rd party tools in order to increase engagement. This way, you get to invest time to create strategies in engaging with customers using the tools. 

5 Tips For Ongoing Customer Engagement To Grow Your Event Business

You can use Web Push Notification tools that allow you to send push notification in real-time to the user’s browser. And engage customers can lead to an increase in repeat customers.

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